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ReadyBrush Deluxe Pre-Pasted Toothbrush Box of 144

ReadyBrush Pre-Pasted Toothbrush  - Bulk Box of 144
ReadyBrush Pre-Pasted Toothbrush  - Bulk Box of 144
ReadyBrush Pre-Pasted Toothbrush  - Bulk Box of 144
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Item Description
This toothbrush is not "v-trim" for braces. If you're looking for a pre-pasted disposable just for braces, try the Ortho ReadyBrush!

As seen on The Today Show and as mentioned in the New York Times and the Conde Nast Traveler Blog
....Don't want to take toothpaste on an airplane? Pre-pasted Ready Brush toothbrushes solve the problem! They are treated with dry powdered toothpaste which is activated when they get wet. No liquids or gels to worry about -- no need to put it in a zipper bag to carry it on an airplane! And, you can feel confident about purchasing ReadyBrush because every ingredient and component of the brush is made in the USA. Fully complies with all airline regulations and restrictions. And, it's gluten-free!

ReadyBrush (TM) is the best pre-pasted disposable toothbrush on the market today. This deluxe, upscale toothbrush has one application of real toothpaste powder bonded right in to the bristles at a molecular level, so it's never flaky. The soft, high-quality DuPont bristles gently clean your teeth. Gripper bumps are built into the handle for extra comfort.

The toothpaste has a nice fresh minty taste. In fact, this toothbrush is so well-made, you'll hate to throw it out -- and you don't have to! You can re-use it with any type of toothpaste for a month or two! Each Ready Brush is individually foil wrapped. They are available in packs of 30 or bulk boxes of 144 -- large quantities so you won't run out when you need them most! Colors vary.

Don't need a bulk box of Readybrushes? Click here to order a convenient pack of 30 instead!

Looking for a pre-pasted disposable just for braces? Try the Ortho ReadyBrush!

Need something even more disposable? Try our basic pre-pasted toothbrushes.

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