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Travel Bottles for Mouthwash

Travel Bottles for Mouthwash
Travel Bottles for Mouthwash
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Item Description

If you need to take prescription or special mouthwash with you, these handy bottles will do the trick. Sturdy plastic bottles have flip tops to dispense your mouthwash with ease. Remember, for airplane travel, no bottles are leakproof! Cap tightly, and leave air at the top to allow for compression (and place them in a plastic zipper bag for extra security)!


  • Comes in two sizes: 2 ounces or 4 ounces.

  • Includes a flip top lid.

Lynn Says

Sometimes you need a special prescription mouthwash....or perhaps you just want to take your favorite mouthwash with you in your travel dental kit. These bottles are perfect for that purpose. They are "flat ovals" which don't take up much room (especially the 2-ounce size).

If you pack these in your suitcase, be sure to put them inside a plastic zipper bag, because the de-pressurizaiton of airplane travel may make them leak. Under normal (non-airplane) circumstances, they are are quite leakproof.

Customer Q & A