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Dental Offices: Tell Your Patients About DentaKit

For Dental Professionals
Orthodontists and Dentists: Your patients can buy hard-to-find hygiene and comfort products directly from us online! We carry dental wax, Ortho-Sil Silicone, various types of lip protectors (including Comfort Covers), aligner chewies, threader floss, Retainer Brite, retainer cases, and more! We have the largest selection of retainer cleaners on the Web, including some that are Persulfate-free.

If you would like your patients to order from, we can send you business cards with our web address to put in your new patient welcome kit or on your reception desk. The cards have a special coupon code to save 10% instantly. We also have a small 8"x10" poster you can hang in your office.

Just fill in the form to receive materials for your patients. Please note that cards and posters will be sent only to verified dental office addresses, not to home residence addresses.

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