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"My DentaKit has been a lifesaver. I have only had braces for about 3 months now, but it has helped a lot. I keep mine at work, and take it with me if I go out of town. It has everything I need and more." -Jessica S., Virginia

"In a family with four kids and one adult in braces, the DentaKit Survival Kit is great! Very cost effective, and best of all, my kids were excited to brush away from home." -Stacy M., Ohio

"Excellent product, service and delivery. Highly recommend. What a great idea to have put all the necessary pieces together. Where on Earth did you find such a neat cup?"
- Elizabeth G., Ontario Canada

"I have business lunches all the time as a professional man in his mid-30s. DentaKit is so compact, it easily packs into a briefcase - or the pocket of a jacket - and I can quickly excuse myself to a public restroom after a meal and in a few seconds make sure my braces stay clean." - David S., California

"In the short time that I have had my braces my DentaKit has become indispensable. It contains everything I need to ensure that when I'm away from home my teeth get cleaned properly. The value for money aspect is important too. It is beautifully presented and I especially love the little mirror! I would advise anyone with braces to get a DentaKit."
-Robert J., Ireland

"I love my DentaKit because it is so compact yet has everything I need. I keep mine at the office and use it everyday after lunch. It's so discreet, I don't feel embarrassed to carry it with me. My favorite is the folding cup - no more lugging small water bottles around! When I ordered my kit, it was delivered so quickly and the website makes it easy to replenish my supplies when I need to. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea."
-Jennifer B., Minn

"DentaKit is very discreet; I can carry it into the ladies room at work and no one knows I'm about to brush my teeth unless I tell them. The case is attractive and can pass for any number of things: a case for make up, a calculator, or a palm pilot. Another plus is its size; it's small enough to fit into my purse while still containing all the supplies I need. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have the kit with me; I know I can clean my teeth anywhere I need to. I'm so glad I bought my DentaKit!" -Ruth B., New Jersey

"Wow! I received this stuff so quickly I was amazed. 'A' for Ordering was a snap. Website easlily navigated. Will be shopping with them as well as recommending them." - Dianna M., New York

"Shipping was really fast. That's a big plus! Customer service was great! I love that you have the option to not pay with a credit card. Great website!!!" -Candace C, Wisconsin

"I was very satisfied with my purchase. After ordering, I was promptly contacted personally by the merchant to inform me of the international shipping options and costs. The order then arrived here in The Netherlands just a few days later. The DentaKit itself is perfect - everything you could need to take care of your braces, all in a handy, discreet little bag."
-Markus R., The Netherlands

"I bought two DentaKits so I wouldn't be without one wherever I go. I keep one in my purse and one in my car. The handy small size makes it easy to grab and go. I can throw it in my gym bag, take it in to restaurants and even put it in my ski parka pocket while skiing all day on the mountain. Everything is so conveniently organized and has all the "stuff" you need to clean your braces well after eating out. I especially love the folding cup and mirror. Having all the items in the zippered case eliminates having all that stuff "floating" around the bottom of your purse or bag, which can't be clean.  It sure makes the chore of keeping your teeth clean while you have braces much easier!" -Mary D., Oregon

"I was buying retainer cases for an 8-year-old child. Thanks to Dentakit, I was able to find something that he would like and be able to keep up with. They have super fast shipping. I had my cases in 3 days after ordering." -Michelle S., North Carolina

The Dentakit is so cool! Some of the items I could not even find at home, so it was great to be able to purchase them. I had great customer service, excellent delivery, and just superb service overall. -Cynthia C., St. Croix, Virgin Islands

"DentaKit is easy for my 10-year-old daughter to pack up and move from bathroom to bathroom at school or at her activities. As a parent, I really appreciate the convenience of this product." Janet L., California

"This merchant offers a valuable service, as these products can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find in some cities and towns. A wide variety of products is available, and there are discounts with quantity purchases. Communication was fast and friendly. A very positive experience! Thank you so much!" - Annette G, Newfoundland Canada

"I appreciated the "personal touch" of a hand written thank you on the invoice I received when my purchase arrived. It is nice to know that not everything has become automated these days." - Ann J., Pennsylvania

"I love the DentaKit products! They’re very convenient and the case is especially nice and compact. I really appreciate having everything in one easy-to-carry case that you can drop in your purse or backpack or briefcase. I’ve enjoyed giving them as gifts to encourage new braces wearers, kids and adults, who might be overwhelmed by all the dental care products out there. It gives them a great start with just the right sized set of helpful tools to keep their smile clean and bright. DentaKit would be a great choice as an inexpensive gift to give kids going to summer camp, as a stocking stuffer, or just a general happy-new-braces present for a young person you care about." -Jan S., California

"The best! I will gladly recommend this merchant!" - Shayne S, Hawaii

"Excellent: prices, ease of purchasing, and customer service. Good: shipping and delivery rate" - Piergiorgio M., Thiene, Italy

"I wanted to thank the providers of Dentakit. The owner gave me personal service and went above and beyond to make sure that things were right. As far as the product is concerned, I thought that I would be able to maybe get all the items and put them together in a pouch or something available. My orthodontist gave me a whole bunch of stuff and I tried to find something to work with -- but no. I ordered the Dentakit a few days after I got my braces and it was a Godsend. I also ordered a few extra things. The Dentakit case, as well as the contents is the thing that gets me. It organizes everything, and you can't do anything like that with something else that is existing, as far as I know. It has come in handy very often and I take it with me in my fanny pack, anywhere I go. I have brushed my teeth in restaurants with it, used the mirror discreetly with it in public, used it in the car and many other places already. The owner of the product has had orthodontic braces, and has over 1000 people who are brace wearers in a message board. She understands and truly knows what it is like to have braces and what we bracewearers need. I am proud of my metalmouth and this is due much in part to the Dentakit. The kit is there for me to clean-up whenever I need it. It is truly a survival kit that anyone with braces should NOT be without!!"
-Steve T., Florida


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