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DentaSoak Retainer Cleaner (Persulfate-Free!)

DentaSoak 3-Month Refill
Price: $16.99
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DentaSoak 3-Month Refill
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DentaSoak is a unique retainer cleaner that is free of Persulfates (an ingredient that sometimes causes an allergic reaction). If you have been searching for a retainer, denture, or dental appliance cleaner that does not contain Persulfate, then look no further!

DentaSoak works with cold water and has a fresh minty scent. It can be used with all types of retainers, mouthguards, removable dental appliances, and even dentures. It kills 99% of harmful infection-causing bacteria with each 15-minute use. (Note: The manufacturer advises that you do not soak your appliance more than the recommended 15 minutes per cleaning session.)

DentaSoak is a combination of two types of ingredients: a liquid and a powder. To use DentaSoak, mix the liquid packet together with cold water, add the powder packet, then close and gently shake the retainer bath (included).

Once the solution is mixed, it lasts for ONE WEEK. That's right, you mix it once, and use it all week long. At the end of the week, spill it away and mix a new batch for the following week. An incredibly convenient solution for kids who are lazy about keeping their retainers or mouthguards clean!

Does your retainer have icky white build-up? Soak it in DentaSoak for 15 minutes per day, and in 10 days the build-up will disappear, leaving your retainer as good as new!

Each box of DentaSoak includes a spill-resistant retainer bath with a convenient lift-out tray, plus enough solution-making packets to last 3 months.

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DentaSoak is safe and effective for all retainers, including Hawley, clear plastic Essix, and Invisalign -type retainers and aligners. It is recommended that you follow the instructions and do not soak your dental appliance for more than 15 minutes per cleaning. We do not recommend that soak any retainer that contains metal solder.