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Oral Irrigators for Gum Health

An oral irrigator is an excellent way to achieve overall gum health. At, we carry only top-of-the-line oral irrigators that have been proven to perform.

Waterpik has been making oral irrigators for 50 years, and is the industry leader in oral care. We offer their deluxe Ultra WP-660 countertop model. Presently, we do not offer the handheld portable models, because the pressure settings are not adequate for people with braces.

QuickBreeze and RediBreeze oral irrigators (formerly called QuickPik and RediPik) by OralBreeze attach directly to your bathroom sink faucet -- there's no bulky appliance taking up your countertop space! And unlike a traditional countertop Waterpick®-type appliance, these products are very quiet -- nobody else in your house will hear you using it!

These irrigators make it easy and pleasant for you or your children to keep your teeth and braces clean, and protect your orthodontic investment. Even if you don't have braces, they help fight periodontal pockets and gum disease by streaming a jet of water beneath the gumline to remove bacteria that cause decay.

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