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Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste, Tablets & Liquid

Want to know how clean your teeth get when you brush them? Have you missed any areas that may be prone to plaque build-up? Plaque Disclosing products can help you improve your brushing and flossing habits by revealing the areas you may have missed.

Plaque Disclosing products contain a harmless temporary dye that is attracted to bacteria on the teeth and in the mouth. Any areas you may have missed during brushing and flossing are shown with the dye. But don't worry, the dye is only temporary, and the stains disappear after you brush and rinse a few times. It's a great tool to teach kids how to brush and floss properly, and it's also handy for people with braces!

Please read all instructions before using these products. Children should use them only with adult supervision.