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OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack

OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
OrthoSil Silicone Dental "Wax" for Braces - 10 Pack
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Item Description

OrthoSil brand silicone strips help to protect your lips and gums, keeping you comfortable. OrthoSil lasts longer and is softer and more malleable than traditional dental wax. It is unaffected by enzymes in the mouth and will not crumble. Unscented, unflavored. The containers come in assorted colors, with instructions. (Sorry, we cannot offer you a choice of container color). Your brackets must be completely dry for Silicone wax to adhere properly. It can be taken off and re-used after you brush your teeth.

How is OrthoSil different from regular dental wax? Here are some differences:

1. It is made of silicone, not wax. Silicone does not break down and crumble as quickly as regular dental wax, so it lasts longer in your mouth.

2. You can re-use it within the same day. For example, you can re-apply the same strip after brushing your teeth.

3. Unlike dental wax, to use OrthoSil your brackets must be totally dry for the product to adhere properly. This sometimes takes some trial and error. Most people love the product once they get the hang of applying it.

OrthoSil is sold in economical packs of 10 for $9.99 (that's less than $1 per container!)

Want to save even more money on OrthoSil wax? Click here to order a bulk box of 50 containers of OrthoSil Silicone Wax for $29.99!

Please Note: Ortho-Sil is silicone-based. If you have never used a silicone-based wax product before, we strongly suggest that you try one 10 pack before buying a larger quantity.


  • Each package contains 10 containers of dental silicone.

  • The silicone is opaque and unscented/unflavored.

  • Remember to remove the silicone before you brush your teeth. It can be re-applied after brushing.

  • Non-toxic if swallowed.

Lynn Says

Orthodontic silicone is different from regular dental wax. The brackets of your braces need to be totally dry for the silicone to stick. Honestly, some people simply can't seem to get the hang of using it because they can't get their brackets dry enough to make the silicone stick. But those who do tell us that they love it and prefer it to dental wax. So please understand that it may take a little trial and error at the beginning to get orthodontic silicone to work for you.

Orthodontic silicone has many advantages: it can be re-used, it lasts a lot longer than wax, and it doesn't break down and crumble as easily as wax. Just smoosh some onto the bracket that is causing irritation, and it forms a barrier between your bracket and your gums. The silicone we carry is high quality medical grade, and made right here in the USA.

Customer Q & A

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88% Recommend this product (7 of 8 responses)
By Mike Malone
January 9, 2017
Outstanding product
Great product compared to typical wax. Shapes more easily, sticks better, feels smoother, lasts longer. Size of individual pieces is just right.
ProsSee above
ConsShipping for the tiny package was too expensive in my opinion.
By James Kimbrell
Union,South Carolina
December 24, 2016
OrthoSil Silicone Dental Wax
GREAT VALUE for the price.Very pliable and worked much better than other products I have tried.I HIGHLY recommend this product.
By Kathy
May 27, 2016
Didn't work forme :(
This "wax" works fine for anything in the front. I do like that it is more opaque than wax and it is barely noticeable, as opposed to wax, when applied. However, the area must be VERY dry for it to stick and that is absolutely impossible if you are trying to attach it to the very back braces, which is the greatest point of irritation for me. I have a very small mouth and would need 3 hands to get it on the back braces. It does stay put better than wax, but only if you can get it in place! I wish I could get it to work... I really do!
ProsLooks better than wax. Stays put better than wax.
ConsToo difficult to get in place on anything other than the front braces or side braces.
By Maria Eriksson
Stockholm, Sweden
March 27, 2016
Orthodontic silicone
So much better than the wax. A little bit harder to get in place but when it's there, it stays there.
ProsStays in place even if you drink hot fluids. Reusable!
ConsA little bit harder to get in to place that regular orthodental wax.
By Dawn Noles
Searcy, Arkansas
January 6, 2016
GREAT Product
This is the high quality material your orthodontist uses..... I will use this company again. Fast shipping great price!
By Marilyn
Oklahoma City, OK
December 10, 2015
Best Product for braces or broken tooth
I've used this for over a year and use it for a tooth that has moved towards my lip. In my opinion, it's the best product for braces or a broken tooth!
By Flutist mom
New Jersey
September 10, 2015
Very helpful for my flutist who is now wearing braces.
By Dr. K
Philadelphia, PA
March 8, 2015
Quick service, prompt delivery, great product
Ortho-Sil is convenient, and easy to use. It keeps my braces from irritating the insides of my mouth. I like that it stays on until I take it off.
ProsSolves a Problem, Works Well, Great for Braces, Convenient, Easy to Use
Best UsesOn the Go, For Braces, At Home