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Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces

Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
Comfort Cover Lip Bumper For Dental Braces
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Item Description

Comfort Cover™ is a re-usable specially designed flexible plastic lip bumper shield that snaps securely into place on your orthodontic brackets, and totally covers your braces from end to end. It provides hours and hours of pain relief caused by irritation from orthodontic brackets and wires.

This handy lip protector product can be especially helpful to musicians, public speakers, and "braces newbies" who want a little extra help in those first uncomfortable weeks of orthodontic treatment. You can also wear Comfort Covers for light contact sports (like wrestling practice) where mouthguards are not needed, or in intimate situations where you want protection from oral laceration. This product works best on smaller brackets and arch wires that are relatively straight, horizontally (may pop off of brackets that are very crooked across the teeth).

Each Comfort Cover set contains two clear Covers, housed in a convenient plastic tube for easy transport. Just put your Comfort Cover set in your purse, backpack, or briefcase and go! The Covers are 5 inches long. Trim them with scissors for a custom fit. Caution: may present a choking hazard if used while sleeping. Please note: this product is not returnable due to health regulations.

Each Comfort Cover set contains two Covers (one for the top teeth and one for the bottom teeth), a plastic carrying/storage tube, and instructions behind the label. Buy two sets and save!

Confused about which type of lip protector to buy? See our Lip Protector Comparison Chart!

Please note: Lip protector products are not returnable due to health regulations.


  • You get 2 Comfort Covers (one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth).

  • Comfort Covers can be trimmed with scissors for an individual fit.

  • Includes a plastic storage tube.

  • Full instructions are included with the product.

  • Confused about which type of lip protector to buy? See our Lip Protector Comparison Chart!

Lynn Says

Comfort Cover is one of our best-selling products. Braces can really tear up the inside of your mouth, and Comfort Cover provides a long lasting barrier between your brackets and your gums! The only drawback of this product is that it may pop off if your brackets aren't relatively straight.

Some people aren't sure whether to buy the Comfort Cover, Ceramic Bracket Cover, or Lip Protector. These products aren't expensive, so you can buy one of each and see which one works best for you. We have a "2 for" price on these products to save you a little money when ordering more than one product in this category.

Customer Q & A

7 Questions & 7 Answers
from Australia asked:
August 10, 2017
Can these be used for soccer? Instead of a mounth guard?
1 Answer
Jessica, The Comfort Covers will not protect the skull or brain from impact injury in a high-impact sport like Soccer. It would be better to wear a protective mouth guard for braces, such as those made by Shock Doctor. When in doubt, please ask your team coach or your orthodontist or dentist.
Submitted by: Lynn at DentaKit.com on August 10, 2017

from New York, New York asked:
March 8, 2018
Can you eat foods such as popcorn or caramel with them?
1 Answer
Thanks for your question, JoAnne! It may be possible to eat various foods while wearing the Comfort Covers, but be aware that foods like popcorn and caramel are notorious for breaking braces brackets, whether they are covered by something or not. We say: try it at your own risk! :-)
Submitted by: The DentaKit Team on March 8, 2018

from New York, New York asked:
March 8, 2018
Can you eat foods such as popcorn or caramel with them?
1 Answer
JoAnne, Foods like popcorn and caramel are notorious for breaking braces brackets, whether they are covered or not. We say: try it at your own risk! :-)
Submitted by: The DentaKit Team on March 8, 2018

from easton, PA asked:
December 30, 2017
How do you clean these ??
1 Answer
You can wash them with antibacterial soap and water (rinse well afterward), or soak them in a retainer cleaner like Retainer Brite, DentaSoak, or Steraligner.
Submitted by: Lynn at DentaKit.com on December 31, 2017

from Australia asked:
September 2, 2016
Will these work for musicians ?
1 Answer
Great question Allie! Although Comfort Cover wasn't made specifically for wind/horn musicians, it could work in that capacity. Every musician has different technique and of course the instruments are different, so everyone's results may vary in that respect.
Submitted by: Lynn at DentaKit.com on September 2, 2016

from Australia asked:
September 1, 2016
Are they re-usable?
1 Answer
Great question, Allie! Yes, you can reuse them many times, as long as you take good care of them and clean them regularly. We recommend Retainer Brite to clean them.
Submitted by: Lynn at DentaKit.com on September 1, 2016

from New York, NY asked:
September 4, 2015
How many Comfort Covers come in a set? Do you get one for the top and one for the bottom?
1 Answer
You get two Comfort Covers per set: one for your top teeth and one for your bottom teeth.
Submitted by: Lynn at DentaKit.com on September 4, 2015

Review Summary
47 Reviews
72% (34)
19% (9)
2% (1)
4% (2)
2% (1)
89% Recommend this product (42 of 47 responses)
By Susanna
Great for Brass Players
June 25, 2020
My son's trumpet teacher recommended these covers to prevent discomfort while he plays, and they work great!
By Christine
Houston, TX
Great for individual brackets that hurt
June 5, 2020
I am in the beginnings of wearing braces and they cut the inside of my lips. I got this in hopes it would protect my lips. It really works!! The downside is that my teeth are uneven so the brackets aren't straight. I had to cut pieces to fit the individual brackets to protect my mouth rather than wear it as one piece like pictured. When I tried to do that, it put pressure on the brackets and hurt my teeth.
  • Really covers bracket to help protect mouth
  • Pressure on brackets if worn as one piece over teeth are uneven
By Mike
Pottstown, PA
February 21, 2020
These actually stay on the braces and are easily installed and removed. They come 2 per container and are easily cut with scissors. They could be a bit thinner and the shipping cost for what they weigh and how they are shipped is very excessive!
By Aaron
Colorado Springs.
Life saver.
September 16, 2019
My braces we're cutting into my mouth while I slept. I started using the orthodontic wax initially until I found out about these. The are so much more comfortable and easier to use. Well worth the money. You will not be disappointed.
  • Super comfortable.
  • None.
By Melissa
Poplar Bluff, MO
Love them!
August 2, 2019
My daughter plays soccer. I had a friend recommend them to me; all three of her children used them . My daughter loves them; they are easy to put on and off.
By Crystal f.
El Paso, Texas
Great brace covers!!
November 29, 2018
They are great and easy to put on, they don't cause any pain and you can't even feel that you are wearing them.
By Mike
Southern Oregon
Did not solve my problem of playing French horn
November 24, 2018
I purchased these as a possible solution for playing my French horn. While these are easy to attach to my braces and were comfortable to wear, they are too thick for playing French horn.
  • comfortable, easy to attach and cut to size.
  • Too thick for playing a French horn, unable to adjust embouchure (sp.) for playing.
By Holly
Longmont, Colorado
Almost perfect
October 4, 2018
Easy to use. My only complaint is that it didn't fit over the brackets that have the knob for rubber bands. We had to kind of skip those ones. Otherwise great product.
By Lisa
He likes it!
September 28, 2018
I bought these for my son who is a wrestler and just got braces. He said they work great. The only thing he didn't like was that he has one tooth that has a bracket that sits a bit higher than the rest so it was hard to get it onto that tooth at first. I haven't heard any complaints since so it must have worked out okay for him though.
  • Protects his mouth from getting cut up while wrestling
  • Wish it was a little more flexible to get on brackets that are not quite in alignment with the other ones.
By Lydia
Temple, Texas
Great Product
February 14, 2018
Great low price and came fast in the mail. My teeth are very crooked and I just got my braces on. But I was able to cut one of the strips into 4 pieces and I wear them on the upper and lower teeth on the side of my mouth which works great for me at night. I sleep on my side a lot and my cheeks press against the pillow so the guards keep my braces from digging into my cheeks and waking up with my mouth all cut up.
  • Was able to cut one of the strips in 4 pieces so I could wear them on the side of upper and bottom teeth at night to get relief.
  • Wont fit all the way around on my teeth because my teeth are very crooked, but the website says your teeth need to be somewhat aliened.
By Penny
Albany New York
Wonderful product
January 31, 2018
This product is wonderful. Wearing the brace prevented my child from getting sores in her mouth from her new braces. She wear the protective cover during basketball to protect her braces it is light and not as thick as the sport mouthpiece that made it hard for her to talk.
By Sue
Mpls, MN
Wanted it to work but too bulky
January 6, 2018
It did provide a nice shield between by braces and lips but it was way too thick. I looked like a chipmunk. There is no way I could wear it in public. If you want something to wear at night it would be o.k. But not what I thought it would be, too bulky.
By Ruh
Charleston SC
Great investment for grinders and clenchers
December 21, 2017
I wore a mouthguard prior to braces. This is the only thing that still makes it comfortable for me to sleep. Great product easier to wear then a night guard and I certainly don't understand what I was doing before had them. I can't clench grind or mess up my bite using this product .
Merchant Response:We're glad that this product helps you, but it's not meant to help with clenching or grinding. It's only meant to help protect the inside of your mouth from your braces.
  • Can't clinch are grind teeth doesn't impact gums are behind lip no need for wax at night
By Shu
Definite must have
November 26, 2017
Dental brace cover does what it says. The moment you put on the cover over the brackets, you are relieved of all discomfort. Further refinement is required however. It's a plastic cover that covers your brackets. Can it be of thinner more pliable plastic? When you put the cover on you feel the durability like a mouth piece. I wish the cover was thinner which may make it breakable but it will be bulky once in your mouth. And you can add more replacement strips in the package.
By Lisa
Wichita, KS
Great product!
October 25, 2017
I wear these at night to protect my lips while I sleep. Very effective!
By A
Great product
August 27, 2017
Loved the comfort covers!
By Briceaunt
Never land
Makes life with braces so much easier!
July 9, 2017
Great device. Had been having trouble with braces scraping top lip. Cut guard to size, easy insert, no more irritation!
By Paul
Washington, DC
Comfort Cover For Dental Braces
June 25, 2017
Both ridiculously simple and brilliant. Makes my braces much more tolerable. Why did no one think of this before? Even my orthodontist didn't know about them. So long as you are wearing metal, it will greatly improve your life and mood.
  • Slips on easily and holds all night.
  • Initially the ends may not hold but after they are in your mouth a while, they assume the curve or your teeth and stay tight.
By Robin
Upstate New York
Perfect Solution
June 25, 2017
If the inside of your mouth is torn and sore from traditional braces, these comfort covers are what you need. They snap on easily and provide your mouth relief from pokes and tears. For the cost, they're well worth trying. They do need to be cleaned daily.
  • No more pain in my cheeks and lips.
  • They do need to be removed while eating and thoroughly cleaned daily. However, the comfort is well worth the cleaning!
By Jess
Atlanta ga
Great but doesnt fit clear braces
April 8, 2017
I love this for my bottom METAL braces.. however my top CLEAR braces are slightly large and the strip does not fit them. :(
By Mike B.
Phoenix, Arizona
Very helpful!
April 2, 2017
My wife got her braces about a week ago, and the Comfort Covers have been a godsend for preventing irritation. She went without them the first two days and the inside of her mouth got really irritated. I suggested she try the Comfort Covers and boom! Complete change. The smoothness of the covers versus the brackets makes a world of difference and really helps prevent sores and irritation.

Her teeth aren't terribly crooked - her braces are for bite correction and gaps - so the covers go on easily and stay in place very securely. She does have one premolar that needs to rotate quite a bit, and so the cover doesn't really stick on that bracket, but all the others are fine.

In all, an excellent product, and we plan to buy more.
By Tinaca T.
Great, but not flawless
March 12, 2017
These do a great job covering the braces. They are easy to snap on and are very comfortable except for the tiny fact that saliva accumulates inside and they make it hard to talk properly, but hey, for an occassional comfort, it is well worth it!
  • Comfortable and easy to snap on.
  • Collects saliva and makes it hard to talk properly.
By Rob C.
Works great!!
January 16, 2017
Alot more comfortable than a bulky mouthpiece!
By Keri
Denver, CO
Great invention!
December 22, 2016
My son was using those big bulky mouth guards for wrestling. They work horribly after you've had your nose bloodied and have to have the plugs in your nostrils. No way to breathe!!!

These were a fantastic solution. He can now concentrate on his pinning instead of worrying about suffocating.

Now the trick is to convince all of the referees & coaches in our league that these are sufficient, practical and just as protective as the bulky ones!
By Denise
Works great
November 10, 2016
Works great to keep braces and wires from irritating lips and inside of mouth. I get cankor sores and this can be cut to fit a specific area to help with comfort and faster healing.
  • Can be cut to fit
By Cornwall3
This really works!
September 18, 2016
My son said this worked great and every time his wires were irritating he wore the comfort covers. Will definitely purchase again if necessary.
  • Easy to use, can remove and re-use.
  • Only con is shipping is the price of the item.
By Lyliany
Super good
August 28, 2016
By Jennifer
Defitnetly Recommend
August 24, 2016
My daughter plays French Horn.She was unable to play and hold notes due to discomfort with her braces. After she tried playing with the Comfort Cover I now have a Happy Child once again.
  • Having to cut to fit.
By Glenda
I love this product!
August 1, 2016
I really love this product! My mouth was hurting from braces and this really helped!
  • Covers braces and protects mouth
  • Takes a little getting used to.
By patrica
southern california
comfort cover for dental braces
July 5, 2016
Easy to use and prevents pain in my grandaughter's mouth.
  • easy to fit , take off and put back on. clear
  • changes the quality of speech somewhat.