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Cleanse Freshen Go Cleaning Wipes for Invisalign & Retainers - Box of 20

Cleanse Freshen Go Invisalign and Retainer Wipes
Cleanse Freshen Go Invisalign and Retainer Wipes
Cleanse Freshen Go Invisalign and Retainer Wipes
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If you wear Invisalign or a retainer, you know how difficult it can be to keep it clean and avoid an icky smelly dental appliance. Cleanse Freshen Go. cleansing towelettes are the answer. In just seconds, your retainer will be clean, germ-free, and minty fresh. Watch the video.

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped Cleanse Freshen Go. towelettes. To use, simply wipe your dental appliance with the specially textured towelette. That's it; no rinsing required! In no time, you can pop your clean appliance back into your mouth, or safely store in your retainer case. The towelettes are infused with a pure mint flavor and scent that leaves your retainer tasting and smelling fresh. They do not contain Persulfate (a chemical which sometimes causes an allergic reaction).

Throw these towelettes into your purse, backpack, or briefcase for freshness anytime you need it. Great for camps, sports, after school activities, or airplane travel -- anywhere you need to freshen your dental appliance on the run!

Now your kids won't have an excuse for dirty smelly icky retainers. Keep these wipes in their lunchbox to help prevent buildup of white plaque and germs that can ruin an expensive retainer. Throw a few into your son or daughter's sports bag to help keep their sports mouthguard fresh and odor-free. Great for any situation where you need to discreetly and quickly clean a removable dental appliance.

If you find that you're using this product often, you might want to consider buying a bulk bag of 100 individually wrapped towelettes for convenience and savings.

Please note: Remove your dental appliance before cleaning. Do not put this product into your mouth or use on natural teeth.

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