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If you have retainers on your teeth, whether they are clear plastic Invisalign (or Invisalign-type Essix retainers), or wire and acrylic Hawley retainers, we carry a full line of anti-bacterial cleaning products. These retainer cleaners kill germs and also prevent the white plaque from building up on your retainer. Use a retainer cleaner every single day to prevent your retainer from smelling bad and getting you sick! Check out our large selection of retainer cases, too!

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Retainer Brite Tablets - Invisalign and Retainer Cleaner
SonicBrite Invisalign & Retainer Cleaning System
DentaSoak Retainer Cleaner (No Persulfate)
Cleanse Freshen Go Retainer Cleaning
OAP Retainer Cleaner
Violife UV Dental Spa for Retainers and Mouth Guards
Violife UV Dental Spa for Retainers and Mouth Guards
Cool & Stylish Retainer Cases
Retainer/Invisalign Removal Tools
Oral Irrigators
Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste, Tablets & Liquid
Inter-Dental Cleaning
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For Retainers