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DentaSoak Refill Kit (without Soaking Bath)

DentaSoak 3-Month Refill
DentaSoak 3-Month Refill
DentaSoak 3-Month Refill
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Item Description
If you already tried DentaSoak and already have the special Soaking Bath that comes with the DentaSoak Starter Kit, then you can save with these Refill Kits. The Refill Kit does NOT come with the soaking bath; it contains only a 3-month refill supply of the liquid and powder DentaSoak packets.

IMPORTANT: If you have never used DentaSoak previously, then you should buy at least one DentaSoak Starter Kit which contains the soaking bath. If you mix DentaSoak in a different cup, the manufacturer does not guarantee its germ-killing or cleaning effectiveness.

DentaSoak persulfate-free retainer, denture, and dental appliance cleaner is a combination of two types of ingredients: a liquid and a powder. To use DentaSoak, mix the liquid packet together with cold water, add the powder packet, then close and gently shake the soaking bath. Once the solution is mixed, it lasts for ONE WEEK.

DentaSoak has a minty-fresh fragrance, and it's the perfect solution for people who are allergic to the ingredient Persulfate. In just one 15 soak per day, DentaSoak kills 99% of bacteria and keeps your retainer free of smelly plaque build-up. After soaking your retainer for 15 minutes, rinse it with cool water. The manufacturer advises that you do not soak your appliance more than the recommended 15 minutes.

Each DentaSoak Refill Kit includes full instructions and enough solution-making packets to last 3 months. It's great for all types of removable dental appliances, such as retainers, aligners, mouthguards, snoring and apnea devices, and even dentures!

To buy a one-year supply of DentaSoak Refills (4 boxes - your best value), just type in a quantity of 4.

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