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Proxi-Tip, Long Handle

Proxi-Tip, Long Handle
Proxi-Tip, Long Handle
Proxi-Tip, Long Handle
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Item Description
Proxi-Tip® is a convenient alternative to spiral proxi-brushes. If you've been searching for a spiral interproximal brush that contains no metal wires, you'll love this product, because the "proxi-brush" is made entirely of flexible plastic! It's great for dislodging food from between your braces and teeth.

The Proxi-Tip has a long handle (6 inches) with a wide easy grip base. It includes 2 different tips:
  • A plastic tapered (Xmas-tree-shaped) Proxi-Tip with stimulator nubs similar to a spiral wire proxi-brush

  • A plastic tapered (Xmas-tree-shaped) smooth blue Proxi-Pik

This product comes in assorted colors. The tips screw on securely. Packages of replacement tips are also available, in three different types: the Proxi-Tip, the Perio-Brush, and the Proxi-Pik.

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