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QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator (formerly "QuickPik")

QuickBreeze by Oral Breeze
QuickBreeze by Oral Breeze
QuickBreeze by Oral Breeze
QuickBreeze by Oral Breeze
QuickBreeze by Oral Breeze
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Item Description
Keep your braces and teeth dentist-clean with the QuickBreeze oral irrigator (formerly called "QuickPik") by OralBreeze. It works like a Waterpick®-type appliance, but attaches directly to your bathroom sink faucet! No more bulky noisy appliances to clutter up your countertop! Great for kids! And unlike traditional countertop irrigators, this product is very quiet -- nobody else in your house will hear you using it! It's also portable -- you can snap it on and off your faucet, as desired. In other words, it's easy to remove. (The other model, the RediBreeze, stays on your faucet and has an on-off toggle switch).

Note: This product requires a faucet that uses a screw-on aerator. Before you buy, please check your faucet to ensure that your aerator screws on and off so that the QuickBreeze can be installed. The QuickBreeze is easy to install. First, screw on the included faucet adapter. Then, you can snap your QuickBreeze on and off your faucet whenever you desire. Click on the above photos to enlarge the details.

QuickBreeze is a terrific product for people with braces, because it dislodges food particles quickly and easily, helping you to keep your teeth cleaner. It's also great for people with periodontal pockets or gum disease, because it gets under the gumline to help fight bacteria that causes periodontitus and gingivitus.

The QuickBreeze is made to last, with valves constructed of chrome-plated brass. It comes with all hardware and detailed instructions, two tips (one yellow and one green), and a tip holder for your bathroom. Replacement tips are available.

QuickBreeze comes with a manufacturer's 30-day money back guarantee from OralBreeze and a 800 help phone number if you have questions about installation or usage. If you need help with installation or parts, please call the OralBreeze 800 number that comes with your OralBreeze unit. is not equipped to help you with installation or parts.

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Waterpik® Water Pik® and WaterPick® are registered trademarks of Water Pik, Inc.

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