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"Splash" Hard Retainer Case

"Splash" Hard Retainer Case
"Splash" Hard Retainer Case
"Splash" Hard Retainer Case
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Item Description
These high-quality hard plastic cases protect your retainer or appliance in style. Choose from opaque with splashes of red, white, and blue; or teal with splashes of blue, green, and white. One-piece hinged design with ventillation holes. Secure snap lock closure with a hole for attachment, if you desire.

Size: 3" X 2.25" of usable inside space. Outside dimensions are approx. 3.25" X 3.25" X 1" deep.

Measure your retainer to ensure it will fit before you buy. Retainer cases cannot be returned due to health regulations.

Note: These cases will not attach to our keychain retainer clip.

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"Splash" Hard Retainer Case