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Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery

Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Face Wrap for Wisdom Teeth -TMJ - Jaw Surgery
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Item Description

After jaw surgery or oral surgery, you often need to apply ice packs to your face on a regular basis for several days to help reduce swelling. This is especially true after wisdom teeth are removed.

These handy, well-constructed face wraps do the trick. They are made of stretchy satin spandex material that is very soft to the touch. A special built-in pocket on each side holds an ice pack, so that you can ice both sides of your face while remaining hands-free. They come in a choice of three colors: light blue, white, or black. (The black color is best to hide blood stains).

The split top and tailored chin ensure a comfortable, slip-free fit, no matter the length of your hair. Two velcro closures at the top ensure a secure fit and offer a custom amount of compression to help reduce pain and swelling. The ice packs are large enough to cover the entire cheek area. The gel packs are reusable and the face wrap is machine washable (we suggest putting it in a bag for delicates -- if you don't have one, then wash it by hand).

The Cool Jaw wrap (similar to the Jaw Bra) comes with 4 white 3" X 5" clear gel packs, which stay frozen and cold for about an hour when worn on your face. Keep 2 on your face, and 2 in the freezer, to ensure that one pair is always frozen and ready to use. (Please note that the product comes with the clear gel packs and they cannot be substituted).

Additionally, you may buy the blue flexible hot/cold gel packs (sold separately). The blue ice packs may be used frozen or heated and remain flexible and pliable when frozen to conform to the shape of the face. They stay frozen for about 30 minutes when worn on the face. They're perfect for "hot/cold" therapy, if your doctor recommends it.

Instructions: Freeze the ice packs for at least 2 hours before the first use. Keep two on your face and two in the freezer for continuous cold therapy.


Includes one Cool Jaw facial wrap and 4 clear gel ice packs. (Blue flexible hot/cold ice packs are sold separately).

Lynn Says

When my daughters had their wisdom teeth extracted a few years ago, this facial wrap was a necessity! One daughter developed a miserable infection, and the ice was the only thing that helped her feel better. I can only imagine the relief it would bring to someone who has had major jaw surgery or facial surgery!

These Cool Jaw wraps are high-quality, well-made and durable. We include the regular white gel ice packs, which stay frozen the longest. If you want the flexible blue ice packs, you can buy them separately. This is a great product; you won't be disappointed!

Customer Q & A

3 Questions & 2 Answers
from Singapore asked:
October 5, 2021
May I know do you ship to Singapore?
1 Answer
We ship worldwide. However, international orders (going to addresses outside of the US) must be paid through PayPal due to the amount of fraud that we have incurred from international credit cards.
Submitted by: The DentaKit Team on October 5, 2021

from Texas asked:
April 23, 2018
Does this come up on BOTH sides of the face? I'm getting bottom teeth pulled and getting implants. .so my pain will be my complete lower jaw

from Texas asked:
April 23, 2018
Does this come up on BOTH sides of the face? I'm getting bottom teeth pulled and getting implants. .so my pain will be my complete lower jaw
1 Answer
The Cool Jaw Wraps have a pocket on each side where you slip in a frozen ice pack. You can put an ice pack on both sides, so it would help ice your entire jaw.
Submitted by: The DentaKit Team on April 24, 2018

Review Summary
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100% Recommend this product (28 of 28 responses)
By Katherine
Great product
October 4, 2020
My husband had double jaw surgery and I purchased this for him for his recovery. It's well made and I love that it has back up ice packs so that you can keep the rotation going seamlessly. I wish it had an adjustable option, as it seemed a bit small at first (my husband has a pretty big head to begin with, plus the swelling from the surgery) but it fits well enough to do the job and kept him comfortable. I can't imagine how cumbersome icing his jaw would be had it not been for this product. I definitely recommend it!
  • Backup ice packs. Well made. Washable.
  • A bit small .
By Lyn
Okay product
January 8, 2020
Great for my tmj but the fabric of the ice pack snags really easy and the Velcro pulls my hair if I don't properly align around top of head.
By Elizabeth
Cromwell, Connecticut
Just what I was looking for and MORE!!
February 1, 2019
After learning that I needed to get 4 wisdom teeth out as an older adult I took my instructions from my oral surgeon seriously. One of his recommendations was to ice 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. I wanted a hands free device to keep the ice in place. I started an on line search and ran across this product. The reviews were all positive and I liked the way the product looked. I chose the baby blue one and at the advise of another reviewer ordered 2 extra ice packs which truthfully are not necessary as you get 4 adorable little gel ice packs with the wrap. I was nervous about the shipping because I needed it by Friday morning directly after a 7:30 am surgery. I ordered the product at midnight on Tuesday evening. I received an email the next day stating that I would receive my items by Friday at 8:00 pm which was 12 hours after my surgery. But
the great thing was that I actually received it Thursday afternoon so it worked out perfect!! I was delighted. I had my surgery today and am using my ice wrap as instructed faithfully. I absolutely love this product. It is so convenient and comfortable. It feels like I don't even have anything on And it stays in place which is so important. I keep 2 ice packs in the freezer and exchange them when my next 20 minutes is due and put the used one in the freezer and rotate. I told my friends and my oral surgeons office all about it and they love the idea. I love the color of the baby blue. I just can't say enough positive things about this product. If you are having surgery on your mouth or if you know someone who is I would highly recommend this product. Great job to the makers and sellers of this product.
  • Pretty
  • Stays in place
  • Comfortable
  • Great sized ice packs
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Comes with 4 ice packs which is very nice
By Judi
September 20, 2018
I like being able to strap on the ice packs after wisdom teeth removal. I do wish the ice packs were the gel type. It is nice you have 2 sets though.
By Sue M.
Worked very well
August 26, 2018
The wrap worked great. This should be an optional purchase at Oral Surgeons offices when you have wisdom teeth extracted. The four frozen packets are perfect for 20 mins. on and off. Would definitely recommend.
By Mare
Best purchase ever!
July 17, 2018
Wish I had gotten this for my daughter's wisdom teeth removal - I did buy them for my son's and it is so great to keep the ice in place even when they sleep and allow them to be hands free. So much better!

I recommend using one clear pack with a flexible blue pack (sold separately) on each side of the face. I found doubling up keeps them colder longer. I also recommend placing the blue packs closest to the face (with the clear behind) since they are more comfortable.

Buying four of the extra blue packs allowed me to use/freeze alternating- so you always have four ready to go.
By Ellen
Great product
July 5, 2018
Love this. My dr's office gave me a similar one but this was better - blue ice molded nicely to your face just out of the freezer. Would consider buying more packs bc they do warm up relatively quickly. Thank you for helping in my recovery!
By Dustin M.
San antonio, texas
This was a excellent product
May 25, 2018
Im glad I purchased this product.
Good price and just the right comfort.
  • Silk like material & easy ice pack removal.
By Vena L.
Great products
March 10, 2018
I am thrilled to have found this face wrap. It helped with the swelling after my daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled.
  • Great wrap!
By Anne
Perfect icing solution
February 19, 2018
This wrap is the best icing solution for wisdom teeth removal or full arch Teeth in a Day surgery. It eliminates the problem of how to hold ice on both sides of the jaw.
By Maurice
Fantastic for Oral Surgery
January 20, 2018
Completely eliminated swelling!
By ggemom
Chicago, IL
perfect for post wisdom teeth extraction!
January 6, 2018
When my oldest son had his wisdom teeth out I tried all sorts of ice bags as the Dr recommended 3 days of icing. Nothing worked adequately without my son holding them
in place which didn't last too long.

My middle son and daughter had their wisdom teeth out this week, but I bought two of these and was prepared. Even though there was a big difference in their body frames, the velcro fasteners allowed snug fit for both of them. The ice back could be moved to concentrate on the lower or upper, or in the middle for both jaws.

As other reviewers stated, the ice bags are small, and don't hold the cold very long, but
you are given 4, so while 2 are in the wrap, the other 2 are in the freezer.
I figured out to put a lunch size cooler by their bed with large ice packs. At night when
one of them would wake up and notice the small pack in the wrap wasn't cold, they could take them out, replace them with the ones keeping cold in the cooler next to their bed, and recycled them through the night...No treks downstairs to freezer (by them or me!).

I highly recommend these!
By Euromama
Des Moines, Iowa
November 8, 2017
I got the face wrap to ease extremely unbearable discomfort preceding a root canal. I was on pain meds and they would wear off and leave me agonizing from ear to ear. This device is silky soft and snug but comfortable and easily adjustable. The cooling is immediate and intense, numbing the pain and providing sweet, soothing relief. This thing is a must have in the home!
By Ashley
Love this product!!!
July 19, 2017
Just had my wisdom teeth removed and I saw the excellent reviews for this item online and decided to give it a try. I love how it has adjustable Velcro so you can make it tight or loose to fit your head. This product has been a life saver because I didn't have to hold anything up to my face.. that isn't very fun. I would recommend this item to anyone getting their wisdom teeth out or any other oral surgery. It really helped me
  • Easy to use, reusable ice packs, soft and comfortable to wear
By hyemi
June 30, 2017
Stays on well, even when sleeping. Adjustable. Helpful to always have an extra set of ice packs. One thing - I wish there was a light extra lining between the ice and my face. The wrap is quite thin, so it's gets a little uncomfortably cold at the beginning.
By Truthshallsetyoufree
Washington, D.C.
April 5, 2017
This helped me in so many ways after my jaw surgery!! Just Awesome!!
By Shannon
Best design to stay in place and doesn't slip off!!!
January 5, 2017
Because of the split Velcro attachments, it helps keep the ice/heat packs exactly where the swelling is. The wraps I got from the hospital just kept sliding off the front or back of my head. This wrap stayed perfectly, even when taking naps!
  • Great design to stay secure and in place
  • Liked that I could use packs right after surgery cold, and when it was time to transition to heat a few days later, I could use them again.
  • Wish the packs were a little wider and longer.
By Anne
Highly recommend for wisdom teeth extraction
January 1, 2017
CoolJaw was perfect for my daughter when she had her wisdom teeth removed. Ice packs stayed in place even when she was resting in bed. Great product!
By Brooke
North Carolina
Jaw Face Wrap
December 23, 2016
It came just in time & was perfect for icing after my wisdom tooth removal!
By Sharon A.
Port Barre LA
Cool jaw face wrap
September 30, 2016
Very satisfied with my item.
By Cathryn
TMJ surgery
August 22, 2016
I used this ice wrap for 5 days post TMJ surgery. It helped so much. The ice packs were hard when first applied which took some time to get used to but they really decreased the swelling quickly. I kept a small mini fridge freezer in my room and just switched out the packs every 2 hours. This gave me easy access and ability to manage on my own. I would definitely order this if your preparing to have TMJ surgery. Took one week to get it so make sure you order it in time.

Merchant Response:Glad you found the product helpful! We do offer Expedited Shipping of 3 business days or less if you need to get it quickly.
By Kim
Outstanding service and delivery!
July 31, 2016
Product was perfect
  • Fit was great stayed in place!
New York
Convenient and comfortable!
July 6, 2016
I purchased this item for my boyfriend because he was having all four of his wisdom teeth extracted. I remember how frustrating it was for me when I had mine out since most ice packs/wraps available in stores do not accommodate well for oral or facial surgeries. They are hard to position and do not stay in place. This face wrap worked wonders. It is unbelievably soft against your skin and stays in place so you can walk around without any worry of it slipping off. I wish that I had this when I had my wisdom teeth out. It would have been so much easier! I am so happy I came across this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is having any kind of dental or facial surgery in an area this wrap covers.
  • Comfortable, easy to put on and take off, comes with four ice packs so you can alternate two at a time, fast shipping
  • NONE!
By Elaine
Great product for wisdom teeth removal
May 26, 2016
Very easy to use and comfortable for my son who had all 4 wisdom teeth removed with local anesthetic only. Well made product. Highly recommended.
By Kim
Kennett Square, PA
Glad I ordered this wrap!
May 5, 2016
I had all four, impacted wisdom teeth out about a month ago. The oral surgeon sent me home with a face wrap that didn't fit very well. Fortunately, I didn't realize I was going home with a wrap so I ordered this wrap ahead of time. I'm glad I did. It is soft and snug. The ice pack placements were more spot on than what the doctor sent me home with. Ultimately, I was glad to have both and alternated between the two. I would highly recommend this face wrap to anyone having dental work/surgery.
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple ice packs
  • Soft
  • Great fit (adjustable)
By Kathy S.
Cotuit, MA
Makes icing easy!
April 21, 2016
The face wrap was very effective in holding ice on my son's face after he had all 4 wisdom teeth out. The ice packs were a little small but the sling also held our home made ice bags that we made by filling ziplocks with ice.
  • Held ice in place hands free. comfortable. Easy to sleep with.
  • Ice packs need to be a little larger and made with moveable ice so you can mold the packs on your cheeks.
By Grabmom
Saline, MI
Must have for tooth/gum surgeries
April 5, 2016
Husband had gum surgery and this was a life saver! No holding ice packs. Did not get too cold. No worries about frostbite. Packs stayed cold for about an hour. Son is having his wisdom teeth pulled soon and I know this will be used a lot! Fabric is not heavy duty and Velcro sometimes pulls. Very easy to use. Was delivered very quickly. Money well spent!
  • Easy to use. Stays frozen for about an hour. 4 packs included. Black color. Super easy to get on and off.
  • Flimsy fabric. Velcro very sticky and sometimes sticks to itself snagging fabric.
By Manny
Milwaukee, WI
Must need for wisdom teeth removal
March 13, 2016
Loved this wrap! Gave lots of relief post-op, and made pain bearable! Must need for any oral surgery!
  • Try to get black becasue white stains easily and is hard to clean!