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Can't Get To The Orthodontist Because of COVID-19 Closures? These Products Can Help!

Can't Get To The Orthodontist Because of COVID-19 Closures? These Products Can Help
Worldwide, orthodontic treatment is on hold for most people due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. While it might seem trivial in comparison to the larger health crisis around us, orthodontic patients still need to deal with their braces, aligners and retainers.

First, call your orthodontist or dentist to see if they can give you a "telehealth" virtual visit via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or some other video conferencing medium. If not, try to speak with them on the phone, and describe your problem. Your provider should be able to suggest products or solutions to tide you over until they can see you in person. Some dental offices are open for pickup only, and some are mailing supplies to their patients. Most dentists and orthodontist have a voicemail or an answering service, and can call you back.

If you can't reach your dentist, here are some suggestions for products that we carry that can help.

Problem: Braces Bracket Rubbing, Causing a Mouth Sore
Solution: Use dental wax or a product to help heal the mouth sore. Dental Wax, Dental Silicone, OrthoDots, Bracket Jacket, Rincinol, Canker-X

Problem: My Braces Bracket Came Off or Broke
Solution: Call your orthodontist or dentist. Itís usually not a big problem.

Problem: My Arch Wire is Poking Into My Cheek or Gums
Solution: Dental Wax, Dental Silicone, OrthoDots, Orthodontic ER Kit (to clip poking wire)

Problem: My Retainer Broke, My Invisalign Aligner Broke
Solution: A product that keeps your teeth in place such as Stay Tray

Problem: I Ran Out of Orthodontic Elastics
Solution: Call your orthodontist or dentist, they may be able to mail some to you. If you buy them online, make sure they are exactly the correct size and strength.

Problem: My Aligner Trays or Retainers are Dirty or Smelly
Solution: Retainer Brite or one of the other retainer cleaners we carry. See our handy Retainer Cleaner Finder Tool.

Problem: My New Aligner Trays Are Not Fitting Tightly
Solution: Invisalign Aligner Chewies, PulsatePro

Problem: I Keep Losing Track of My Aligners or Retainers
Solution: Get a few retainer casesand keep them around the house. Never wrap your aligners or retainers in a napkin Ė thatís the easiest way to accidentally lose them!

Problem: I HaveTrouble Removing My Aligners or Clear Retainers
Solution: Try one of the retainer removal tools we carry: The Outie Tool, OrthoKey, or ART Tool.

About The Author

Lynn S. is the founder and owner of DentaKit.com. Shortly after getting braces in 2001 at age 41, Lynn realized that there was no convenient way for her to find the orthodontic products she needed locally. She created DentaKit.com to give orthodontic patients easy access to products that would help keep their braces and retainers clean and comfortable. Along the way, she also created ArchWired.com and its Metal Mouth Message Board to provide vital information and an online community for adults who have orthodontic braces.

Lynn S. has a degree in Communications and Journalism, with a focus on scientific writing and research. Before founding DentaKit.com, she was a technical writer and technical trainer for various high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Since starting DentaKit.com 15+ years ago, she has attended many meetings of various dental associations, and has read and researched extensively on a variety of orthodontic and dental subjects. The articles she writes are always vetted by one or more orthodontists or dentists before they are published.

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