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Travel Toothbrush, Non-Orthodontic

Travel Toothbrush, NON-Orthodontic
Travel Toothbrush, NON-Orthodontic
Travel Toothbrush, NON-Orthodontic
Item #: DK-R0866
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Item Description

If you have invisible braces with plastic aligner trays, have graduated to retainers, or just want a great travel toothbrush, you'll love this product. It's the same as our orthodontic travel toothbrush, but without the "v-cut." In other words, it is for anyone who does NOT have braces on their teeth.

Take this travel toothbrush on the road with ease. Super soft dual-colored bristles. Durable, high-quality, with a compact head that's great for kids or adults. Remember to replace your worn toothbrush regularly to ensure good oral hygiene! Comes in assorted colors. Sorry, color choice is not possible.

Looking for a pre-pasted disposable toothbrush? Try the ReadyBrush, which has powdered toothpaste in the bristles! The Ready Brush fully complies with all airline restrictions and regulations -- no gels or liquids to worry about!


  • This toothbrush is cut flat, and can be used by everyone, whether you have orthodontic braces or not.

  • The cover doubles as a handle.

  • Remember to replace your toothbrush every month for effective cleaning!

Lynn Says

This is a great little toothbrush to have with you "on the go." The cover doubles as a handle and fits in fairly securely. Stash one at your desk, in your purse or briefcase, in your backpack, or even in your car.

Customer Q & A