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Fresh & Go Toothbrush with Built-in Toothpaste - 6 Pack

Fresh & Go Toothbrush  - 6 Pack
Fresh & Go Toothbrush  - 6 Pack
Fresh & Go Toothbrush  - 6 Pack
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Item Description
Fresh&Go™ (Fresh and Go) is the newest innovation in portable dental care. The handle holds about 30 applications of fluoride toothpaste. And, it fully complies with all airline regulations (note that you must put it in a quart-sized zipper bag in your carry-on luggage).

Twist the wheel on the side of the toothbrush to dispense the toothpaste onto the brush head. A special snap-on cap keeps the bristles clean and also prevents toothpaste from clogging the outlet. When the toothpaste is used up, just toss it or recycle it. And at less than 10 cents per use, it's economical as well as convenient!

Fresh & Go is great for trips, or to give to kids for camp. Individually packaged, assorted colors. The toothpaste in this product is made in Israel. Comes in mint flavor only. Sold in 6 packs.

Instructions: Remove the protective cover, and turn the knob in the direction of the arrow until the paste reaches the top bristles. When you are done brushing, rinse the brushhead and replace the cover.

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