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Lip Protector for Braces

Lip Protector for Braces
Lip Protector for Braces
Lip Protector for Braces
Lip Protector for Braces
Lip Protector for Braces
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Item Description
This Lip Protector is a flexible clear lip bumper shield that covers the front of your brackets from one end of your mouth to the other, protecting your lips and gums. It is a very popular product used as a mouth protector for wrestling practice in schools. The outside of the device is smooth, and the inside contains soft flexible double hooks that attach to your arch wire. If the hooks don't align perfectly with the spaces between your brackets, you can cut them off with scissors to create a custom fit. Caution: may present a choking hazard if used while sleeping. Please note: this product is not returnable due to health regulations.

The Lip Protector is a great choice for musicans or people who play sports where a mouthguard is not necessary, but comfort and protection from laceration is a factor. It's also a great product for "braces newbies" who desire a little extra help in those first uncomfortable weeks of orthodontic treatment. This product works best on arch wires that are relatively straight.

Each set of Lip Protectors is housed in a convenient plastic storage box, and contains two shield strips, one for the top teeth and one for the bottom teeth. Instructions are included. Buy two sets and save!

Insertion Instructions: You can use either Lip Protector strip for your top or bottom teeth. Starting in the middle of your mouth (midline), lightly press the hooks that are on the inside of the Lip Protector onto your arch wire between your brackets. If a set of hooks does not line up, simply remove them with scissors. Continue pressing the Lip Protector onto the remainder of the arch wire, removing hooks as necessary for a custom fit.

Confused about which type of lip protector to buy? See our Lip Protector Comparison Chart!

Please note: Lip protector products are not returnable due to health regulations.

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